To promote Human Values through Education & Culture


“The most effective way to understand people is through their culture, through direct contact with the sounds and images that move them deeply. I am confident that the mutual understanding that such exchange creates can be the basis for true & lasting peace "   

Dr Daisaku Ikeda

The ultimate aim of Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is the establishment of a peaceful world. Toward that end the (SGI) actively promotes peace as a Non Governmental Organization affiliated to the United Nations as a broad - based grassroots movement spanning in 192 countries, the SGI’S activities typically focus on public education and awareness rising on the themes of peace, humanitarian relief, environmental protection & human rights.

Through Culture the energy of the people unites and awakens the strength to overcome every obstacle that can hinder our goal towards achieving peace.

"The Creative life makes a new breakthrough, achieves self-renewal, everyday, always attuned to the original rhythm of the universe, and by so doing it brings about a complete transformation."