To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

Global Initiative on Culture

Cultures can only realize their further richness by honouring other traditions.” Daisaku Ikeda, Third and current President of Soka Gakkai International, a 75 year old NGO based in Japan.

These are the very thoughts that echo the philosophy of SGI-Gulf. SGI-Gulf believes that all individuals inherently possess the ability to create value in their lives and society and achieve harmony between themselves and their environment. Culture is an expression of this uniquely human potential and the cornerstone for its development.

Soka Gakkai therefore maintains that culture is a manifestation of human creativity and a medium that serves to help people appreciate the dignity of their lives. It is capable of linking the hearts of people throughout the world by imbuing life with richness and inspiration.

The Min-on - concert association, founded by ikeda in 1963, seeks to deepen understanding & friendship among countries & their peoples by promoting global music & cultural exchanges, in the belief that artistic expression can foster peace by transcending difference of nationality , race, and language. Over the past decades, min-on, based in Tokyo, has promoted music, dance, and other performing arts exchange s groups from some 90 countries & territories.

The Tokyo Fuji museum was established by Ikeda in 1983 as a museum creating bridges of understanding around the world. It not only brings to the Japanese publish the treasures of the world's cultural heritage, but also makes its own collection of art available to international museums. The museum houses approximately 25,000 items of artwork- paintings pottery, sculptures & photograph from east & west, ancient & modern.