To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

Local Initiative in the Gulf

At the same time, SGI-Gulf understands that while Dubai as a progressive city identifies itself as a city of fusion between cultures, it is still not a melting point of cultures. While there is a peaceful co-existence between people of different nations, race & religion there is still a limited understanding and respect of different cultures. SGI-Gulf strives to promote the spirit of interaction and mutual respect.

Affiliate organizations of the SGI such as the Min-On Concert Association and the Institute of Orienha sital Philosophy, are engaged in various activities to promote exchange between peoples of diverse cultures and celebrate their diversity.

Culture is the widening of the mind and of the spirit” Jawaharlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India.

Nestor Torres – The world famous Jazz flautist and Latin Grammy Award winner was recently in Dubai to perform at SGI’s invitation. He performed at the conference centre in Dubai Knowledge Village to distinguished guests, SGI members and their families. Nestor Torres’s music was joyous and uplifting and flowing with positive energy. The audiences were thrilled at the performance and greeted him with raptures and a thunderous applause. Following the performance, his open and humble conduct immediately struck a chord with the audiences.

Similarly, SGI-Gulf also showcased the talent of local performers. In the last year SGI Dubai has been graced by the performance of many great artists as below:

  •  Kamal Mussalam played the Arabic Oud to the delight of the audiences.
  • Andrew Jankura & Asad gave a scintillating   performance with Hammond & Guitar.
  • Shelly Frost delivered a perfect performance with the Acoustic Harp. The soothing music reverberated through the audiences, bringing calm and serenity.
  • Michelle Todd presented the Opera.
  • Promising and upcoming singer Ms Gealle enthralled   audience with her own compositions.
  • The European group “Classical String Trio” presented the  musical notes of Mozart and Scherazade. The three young ladies performed in excellent synchrony and melody.