To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

Soka Gakkai International perspective on Culture

Since the early 1980's the SGI has sponsored exhibition ,that have toured the world with a focus on nuclear disarmament , war & peace , children's art and sustainable living. Other campaign & projects have concentrated on refugee relief, the prevention of violence. Beginning in 1997 the soka gakkai international has become an active partner in the international movement to promote the earth charter as a set of ethics & values for sustainable living. As Dr. Daisaku Ikeda has said “the earth charter is not just about the environment. It is broad, encompassing respect for all living beings, the eradication of poverty, the need for justice & building a culture of peace. It may be the considered a guideline for humanity in the 21st century"

Dr Ikeda has done it in many ways , like writing peace proposal, supporting United Nations, through dialogues , through worldwide exhibitions, relief activities , supporting world summit on sustainable development,recieving honors & honorary citizenship forging a solid friendship throughout the world, educations, writing books, taking photographs & poetry . Question here arises that is, why Dr Ikeda chose to spread his love for humanity and his wish of world peace through CULTURE.

He says "Culture imbues life with fulfillment and joy and inspires mutually enriching relations among people throughout the world.” So based on a profound respect for the value of all cultural traditions and as a means of nurturing mutual understanding in our diverse world , Dr Daisaku Ikeda has worked actively to promote intercultural exchange.