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A Writer, Photographer


Dr. Daisaku Ikeda is a renowned author with over 100 books published to his credit including children’s books, poetry and essays. He has also pioneered the publication of dialogues in which he has discussed thought-provoking and riveting issues facing the world with notable figures such as Arnold Toynbee, Linus Pauling, Ba Jin, Mikhail Gorbachev and Hazel Henderson.

More than 1000 volumes of his works have been published in over 35 languages.

As a poet he writes in the traditional Japanese forms of haiku and waka and in a longer form blending poetry and a narrative structure. In 1981, he received the title of poet laureate from the World Academy of Arts and Culture. He is a non resident member of The Brazilian Academy of Letters.

He says, “I do not write for the critic...To me the sole purpose of poetry is to give courage. When I have in mind to encourage young people, words seem to well up endlessly from within.”

Dr. Ikeda is also an avid amateur photographer with a passion for scenic landscapes and natural beauty. A series of his photographs has toured numerous countries in an exhibition titled, Dialogue with Nature.

He says, “I am not and never have been a professional photographer and, due to my busy schedule, I end up taking many of my photos while travelling from one appointment to another; sometimes I stop the car for just enough time to take a photo. I would be very happy if I am able to share, to some small extent, my joy at communing with nature, the ‘mirror of the heart’. In this hectic age it is important for us to stop from time to time, take a deep breath, and look closely at ourselves and the world around us.”