To promote Human Values through Education & Culture


"Education at its best is a process of liberation from prejudice, which frees the human heart from its violent passions. It is through education that young people can be delivered from powerlessness, from the burden of mistrust directed against themselves. And those have learnt to trust in themselves are then naturally able to believe in the intent capabilities of others."

Education is regarded as humanity’s most important undertaking. No undertaking is more valuable, more sacred. Education is what which places foremost value on growth and happiness of students.

Education has a profound mission within society. In Ikeda's view, it is not simply the transmission of knowledge. It is not simply the development of talent. Education is a great enterprise of steadily and surely passing on the fullness of humanity. Education is a process of becoming fully human.

To advance such education SGI has established educational institutions worldwide based on “value creating” educational philosophy. It is based on a belief of infinite potential of every individual. Rooted in a profound respect for freedom human life, it seeks to nurture courageous people of wisdom who can contribute to the realization of a peaceful world.