To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

A Global Network of Humanistic Education

"A wisdom-based education leads to the question that all generations must face: What is it to be human? How we answer that question determines our life philosophy, our morals, and the way we educate persons”.

For the past fifty years Daisaku Ikeda has sought to answer that question. His work is more than the sum total of universities, high schools, grade school, cultural centers he has founded. His work is more than the sum total of the dozens of books he has published. His work answers the question of 'What does it mean to be human?

The values that underlie education, he observes, shape individuals and society, for better or for worse. The development of a humanistic, nurturing society largely depends on a humanistic orientation in education, one that directs students toward the richness of their inner lives and the interdependence of their lives with the lives of others and with the planet itself. Indeed, the rampant exploitation of people and of the natural environment, so characteristic of our global society today, can be seen as a direct failure of education.

University education should not be limited to the teaching and acquisition of specialized knowledge. The lack of distinction between knowledge and wisdom is a prime source of the crisis of modern society. What society requires is individuals who are able to freely employ knowledge in order to bring forth the wisdom to creatively confront the challenges of our ever-changing global society.