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Creating Value: Fostering the Human Spirit

In its continued effort to use dialogue as a medium to bring to fore issues facing the world today, SGI Gulf, in association with ‘Knowledge Village’ brings to you an inaugural guest lecture to be hosted under the banner:

‘Creating Value: Fostering the Human Spirit’

SGI Gulf is proud to welcome Ms. Betty Williams, a Nobel Laureate,who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her tireless efforts to unite the people of Northern Ireland and commit them to Peace in the Late 70’s.

She founded the nonprofit organization named ‘World Centers of Compassion for Children (WCCC)’seeking to translate her vision into a reality. The organization works to save the world’s children by creating safe havens where they are fed, sheltered, nurtured and encouraged to grow to their fullest potential.

Her lecture on 13th December 2015would focus on ‘Creating Safe Havens for the Children of the World’.

We look forward to welcome you to this initiative, which is one of the first in the series of lectures from notable thinkers around the world who are actively contributing to create value in our lives.

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