To promote Human Values through Education & Culture

Dialogue as the Path to Peace

"Peace is not some abstract concept far removed from our everyday lives. It is a question of how each one of us plants and cultivates the seeds of peace in the reality of daily living in the depths of our being, throughout our lives. I am certain that herein lies the most reliable path to lasting peace." --Daisaku Ikeda

Dr. Ikeda is a pioneering champion of dialogue as a means to bridge cultural divides and seek solutions to global issues facing humanity. He has conducted extensive dialogues, many of which have been published, with leading representatives of the worlds of education, culture, politics, the sciences and the arts.

Dialogue, Ikeda asserts, reaffirms and reinvigorates our shared humanity. As he writes, the numerous problems we confront "are caused by human beings, which mean that they must have a human solution. However long the effort takes, so long as we do not abandon the work of unknotting the tangled threads of these interrelated issues, we can be certain of finding a way forward. The core of such efforts must be to bring forth the full potential of dialogue."


SGI President Daisaku Ikeda welcomes Nelson Mandela to Tokyo Oct’90.

Aiming to build mutual understanding and seek solutions to the common problems facing humanity, Ikeda has met and engaged in dialogue with leading thinkers including economist J. K. Galbraith, peace activist Joseph Rotblat, environmentalist Wangari Maathai, champion of human rights Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Indonesian Muslim leader Abdurrahman Wahid.

Ikeda with British historian Arnold Toynbee in London, 1973

More than 50 of Ikeda's dialogues have been published in book form. Choose Life, his dialogue with British historian Arnold Toynbee, whom he first met in 1972, has been published in 28 languages.

"President Ikeda is the champion of cultivating world peace through dialogue. Through dialogical encounters he has helped extend intellectual horizons and deepen critical self-reflectivity of dozens of thinkers of our time. His contribution to the life of the mind throughout the world is enormous."